Meet Devin

Hello, my name is Devin Finley and I am the sole owner and operator/artist at Define Arts. Define Arts was born from an unexpected and critical turn of events in my life that forced me to take a step back, evaluate myself and make a change.

In April 2013 I suffered massive heart, liver and kidney failure and was rushed to UW’s ICU. The incredible individuals at UW medical found a way to overcome overwhelming odds and saved my life, giving me a second chance.

Given my health I was not able, nor did I any longer have an interest in, pursuing a more physically demanding career like what I use to know. Confined to my bed at home, I began to sketch, paint and create pieces that expressed the mental and physical challenge of what I was going through. This helped give me the time to realize what I really need to do for a living.

I’m sure you all know the old cliché “Everything happens for a reason”? If it wasn’t for my health complications I may not have pursued a career that I am truly passionate about.

If you are looking for murals, logos, logo recreations, commissioned canvases, prints of my work or would like to network for future shows and events, send me a message on the contact page, give me a call or shoot me a personal email. Let’s talk about your next project and how we can work together together.